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    September 2015
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    English, Spanish, Multilingual
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    Education Equity, Education Policy


Stockton Schools Initiative (SSI) is a coalition of students, families, and community stakeholders that believe in the  power of collaborative decision-making to move the needle on education equity in Stockton schools.


Stockton Schools Initiative  works to activate, organize and amplify the voices of students and families across Stockton. We drive equitable family-school-partnerships with an ongoing focus on student centered data-driven education policy at the local state, national level.


Student Organizing

The Student Organizing Project works to build leadership among students. SSI works in partnership with the Student Success and Leadership Academy (SSLA), an ongoing summer project that introduces students to research and advocacy skills over one week at the University of the Pacific. Students develop ideas for using school funding to serve under resourced, high-need students in Stockton around topics such as boosting counselor staffs, restorative justice implementation in schools, and increasing Wi-Fi/Internet accessibility.

Empowerment Council

The Empowerment Council brings together parents, students and Social Justice Educators in Stockton Unified School District. These folks find or create opportunities to use their leadership skills in support of improving local and state educational policies and practices that benefit all students. The program enhances the skills, knowledge, and confidence of parents necessary to create meaningful change in their schools and community. Parents engage with other families, students, community and educator stakeholders when they participate in our monthly Accountability Champions Workshops and serve in other critical capacities such as parent council, noche de cultura, and DELAC committee meetings.

Education Policy

The Education Policy and Research project works with students and families to provide data-driven, education equity-focused policy recommendations to school board leadership. These recommendations are made to ensure that local education policy accurately reflects and serves the needs of Stockton students. 


We empower families and students with data and necessary tools to make sense of data, to serve as a rallying point for discussion, action and reflection. We also support students and families in telling their stories as a way to inform gaps in research and drive forward meaningful change. Out of this project, the 1st annual community report was published, released at the 2018 Education Summit.


“I am a parent and a parent ambassador with Stockton Schools Initiative. This program has helped me learn the right me and my children have. I learned about school roles. SSI has helped me advocate for my children’s school. I can help other parents and guide them [in] the right direction. My favorite part of this program has been learning how to read data and know how all schools are doing and how I can help improve. I learned how important my voice is.” 

Teresa Martinez

I am a parent ambassador with Stockton Schools Initiative. I believe a parent’s participation in their children’s education is very important because if we work together, we are able to build a better education all the way from home. Stockton Schools Initiative has helped me take the correct steps to advocate for my son’s special education class.

Lupe Chavez

I am an advocate for my granddaughter. Education is very important to me and I’m thankful for this program because I have learned about data and LCFF. The LCAP was important to me also because I have learned how the budget is being used.

Jacqui Stewart

I have learned how to advocate for my children’s school. We learned what steps to take when I have a question or concern.

Irma Ledesma


Executive Director

Dr. Nancy Huante-Tzintzun was born in Mexico but grew up in Stockton, CA since the age of four. Currently she is a part-time faculty member at Sacramento State University for the Department of Ethnic Studies. She currently also serves as Interim Education Director for Stockton Schools Initiative. Lastly, she sits on the board of the Xicana Collective (XC) as well as the Stockton Urban Revitalization Fellowship (SURF).

Founding Member
Lead Student Organizer

Jasmine Dellafosse has found many ways to build community and civic engagement with Stockton youth. She currently serves as Lead Student Organizer with Stockton Schools initiative and is one of the founding members of the group.Through her work with families, students, stakeholders and community partners, she helped advocate to pass Ethnic studies, bring on a full time Education Equity Director/department in SUSD and increase A-G courses and counselors in SUSD schools.

K-12 Education Policy & Communications Director

Janay Watts was born and raised in Stockton, CA. Her educational trajectory and interests placed her first at Princeton to study Sociology and African American studies, then at CSULB to pursue her masters in education. Over the years, in an attempt to find her role in education as a broader field, has served as a preschool teacher, college and career counselor, Restorative Justice facilitator/trainer for high school students and teachers, and a graduate level research/teaching assistant. Janay is currently in her 3rd year as a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, exploring the mental and emotional health of new Black and Latinx mothers who use social media as a community building tool.




Status of Stockton Schools

Download Report

The Stockton Schools community report was designed to paint a picture of the status of Stockton children in schools. We believe that data can be a starting point to a larger community conversation about the type of education we want to work towards as parents, families, students and community members.

Stockton Schools Initiative believes education is a community responsibility. In order for us to have a thriving adult population, we must care for the generations to come, starting with prenatal care/birth, through K-12 education and beyond. We believe creating a community of care surrounding each child, will help us all do our part in transforming Stockton into a place where quality education is not just an expectation, but a reality.

The following report will include a variety of measures that help us get a better picture of what type of change we can and should advocate for in schools. While the report will highlight some of the challenges our students currently face, it will also spotlight some of the great work already happening in Stockton schools—Initiatives led by principals, passionate school leadership, student organizers and community partners. We will provide recommendations for change, created with the help of students, parents, and community leaders.

2018 Ed Summit

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